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     Interpreting Services

The Caribbean School of Languages offers interpreting services in Spanish, English and French.

The formats of interpreting offered are Simultaneous, Consecutive and Whispering.

Professional interpreting services can help you and your organisation to communicate with those who speak other languages, across a wide range of situations. Our interpreters are all highly experienced, qualified and fully vetted professionals, so the quality of their work is assured.

Interpreting services are offered at conferences, workshops, diplomatic settings, official settings including marriages and court proceedings, police and coast guard matters, and others.

Feel free to contact us with specific details of your event to receive a quote for interpreting services.

What type of interpreting do you need?

Our interpreters can cover a range of situations, each appropriate for different environments and circumstances.

We can advise which approach is best for you, including:

Simultaneous Interpreting

The speaker and the interpreter speak at the same time, the latter from a sound-proof booth. The audience listens to the interpreter via headphones.
Since interpreting is usually a fast-paced, stressful, and physically and emotionally demanding activity, two interpreters are needed per language, who take 20-30 minutes shifts.

Consecutive Interpreting

The speaker delivers a message, pausing every few sentences to allow the interpreter to repeat the message into the target-language.

Court Interpreting

Court interpreters can have several roles in court proceedings. They can be appointed by the court to translate what judges, lawyers, witnesses and the accused say to each other, or they can be hired by one of the parties to check on what and how the court-appointed interpreter translates.

Whispered Translation

The interpreter sits next to the listener and conducts simultaneous interpreting in a lowered voice, to not distract or interrupt the speaker.

  • To be the premier provider of vocational and professional education as well as foreign language training, translation and interpreting services, thereby narrowing the breach of communication in the Caribbean and Latin America, aiding general development and enhancing human relations in the Hemisphere.

Our Mission

  • To provide institutions, organisations and nationals of Trinidad and Tobago as well as their foreign counterparts and the broader global community with high quality, effective and reliable vocational and professional education as well as foreign language instruction, translation and interpreting services at competitive rates.