Some people say "Online courses are not for me" and "I lack the discipline to study on my own"... when they hear about Online Courses. To us, however, this is a misnomer. Here is why.

Our "ONLINE" Course in Spanish is exactly the same course as the face-to-face course offered on site in Port-of-Spain. We use the same material and the same teachers deliver instruction.

Our "Online" course is really a SYNCHRONOUS Course in that attendance by participants is required at Live Sessions on specific days and at specific times, just like a face-to-face course. It is called "Synchronous" because all participants and teachers have to log on at the same time and class takes place simultaneously just like it would in a traditional setting.

On class days, registered students receive an email with a link inviting them to the live sessions about ten minutes before the class. The link redirects students to our virtual classroom, an online platform that allows for student-to-student interaction as well as student-teacher-student interaction. There is also a virtual whiteboard accessible to students and teachers. We do the same audio and video activities and many more dynamic interaction in the live sessions. You could even be "late" for class just like in a traditional class by logging on late, or even "sneaking in" to class... 


-Participants can "attend" class virtually anywhere, locally or abroad

-Live Sessions may be recorded for the benefit of students who for some reason are unable to "attend"

-Personalised attention and interaction

-Avoid the hassle of having to relocate to the school (especially in heavy rain or traffic); study in the comfort of your home, study or office, or virtually anywhere

-Receive the same number of contact hours or class time and practice as face-to-face courses

-Obtain the same certification attainable by face-to-face participants

-Save time and money on transport

As you can see, you must have the same level of discipline and commitment studying an Online or Synchronous Course with us as you would have to have in a face-to-face course. 

Similarly, you will not be left on your own just because it is a Synchronous Course. As a matter of fact, more intimate interaction has been found in a Synchronous Course than in a face-to-face class. Finally, students have been found to be more spontaneous and there is less stage freight and pressure in a Synchronous Course.


Payment Plan:

First payment on registration: $800

Second payment (the first month): $800

Third payment (the second month): $700

What is included: the registration fee, all instructional material (original textbook/workbook, mp3 CD, additional handouts and printed and audiovisual material, access to the virtual classroom and interactive online platform, tuition for twelve weeks, examinations, certificate)

Check out "Timetables" to find the class most suitable to your needs and ENJOY LEARNING! 

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