Spend your summer learning, exploring a new language and discover a new perspective on the world.

These courses are ideal for students who want the opportunity to either learn a new language or continue learning a language in classes with current CSL students. The immersion language courses will run over six or eight weeks during June and July and will be intensive and enjoyable from beginner to advanced level. Courses will be taught in-person or fully online.

Our students make substantial progress in language proficiency, generally equivalent to one year of formally study. Classes are supplemented with daily opportunities to practice their new skills outside the classroom through practical tasks or in-real life social situations.

Extra optional 5 after school activities + 1 weekend trip.

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Language Program Options

  • Spanish: 8-week Course
  • French: 7-week Course
  • English: 6-week Course
  • German: 6-week Course

Please email us if you require any assistance.

Course Length:

6 to 8 weeks 


  • Mon to Fri 9:00pm – 1:00pm
  • Saturdays: 9:00pm – 12:00pm


13+ years old


Beginner to Advanced

Class size:

Average 10, maximum 15


Registration for Summer 2023 is closed.

How to apply

July 4 and August 8, 2023

Please contact us for prices.

Payment is due one-week before the first day of class.

  • Direct bank deposit
  • Wire Transfer
  • Electronic Bank transfer 
  • Certified Managers Cheques
The School will not be responsible for transfer of money in wrong account. Please double check the details before sending.