Diploma in Translation (DipTrans)

Leading to the Chartered Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation (CIOL DipTrans)

If you are planning a professional career in translation and are looking for an internationally recognised qualification, the series of Translation Training Courses leading to the Chartered Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation  is the right choice for you.

Overview of our Programme

This is a two-year programme that prepares participants for the external examinations leading to the award of the internationally recognised Diploma in Translation by the Institute of Linguists (UK). It is offered in English into Spanish and in Spanish into English and in five specialised areas.

Our Specialised Teaching Staff

The CSL Staff in charge of the delivery and assesment of these courses are stricly European specialists with ample experience in the field. They are supported by consultants, tutors and assistants in order to ensure the best instruction for our candidates to achieve their goals. 

Level of linguistic proficiency and pre-requisites

  • DELE Diploma at C2 Level (for English speakers)
  • IELTS Band 9 (for Spanish Speakers)

The CIOL Qualifications Level 7 Diploma in Translation tests professional translating skills at a postgraduate level of competence. It is the responsibility of each candidate to ascertain that they are sufficiently prepared for the exam, and competent in both the source and target languages, have good writing skills and the ability to translate at a professional level.

Interviews, entrance tests and auditions

Entry into this courses does not require an interview or audition.

If you do not have the level required to be admitted to our Translation Courses, the CSL offers General Proficiency Courses to bring you up to speed.

Structure of the Programme

Year One:

  1. General Studies I, II, III
  2. Business I, II, III or Literature I, II, III
  3. Law I, II, III or Social Science I, II, III

Students are expected to take three (3) courses at a time. Each course is one (1) year long and is divided into three (3) semesters. 

Mandatory courses: General Studies

Possible course combinations:

  • (a) Business and Law 
  • (b) Business and Social Science
  • (c) Literature and Law
  • (d) Literature and Social Science 

Successful completion of three (3) full courses is a requirement for admission into Year Two.

Year Two:

  • Preparation Course – Diploma in Translation

This year is also divided into three semesters.

Course Language Combinations

All courses prepare participants to sit examinations in one language combination and one direction, i.e. English to Spanish or Spanish to English.


Full-time (FT):

  • Year I is divided into three (3) semesters. Each semester includes three (3) translation courses, i.e. the General Studies course (mandatory) and two (2) semi-specialised translation courses of their choice (see course combinations). All three (3) courses are studied simultaneously.

Part-time (PT): Currently, this modality is not available for registration but it will be offered again soon.



  • Ofqual-regulated, internationally recognised qualification
  • Improved career prospects
  •  You will be entitled to:
    • Use the title DipTrans after your name
    • CIOL membership at the grade of IoLET Affiliate
  • Entry into the translation industry as a freelance translator
  • Additional recognition for the professional translators already working in the translation industry
  • Opportunity to apply for membership in the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) 
  • Opportunity to apply for membership in the Caribbean School of Languages, which allows the translator to offer certified translations and have access to unique job opportunities  


This qualification is roughly equivalent to a:

  • Master’s Degree
  • Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma in Translation
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
  • C2 level (Proficient user) as described in the Common European Framework of Reference for languages
  • European Qualification Framework – Level 7
  • It also meets the National Occupational Standards in Translation (Professional

Course Details

Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language

General Proficiency Courses to bring you up to speed.

Year One

Year Two

Overview of the qualification

The CIOL Qualifications Level 7 Diploma in Translation (DipTrans) is the gold standard for anyone wanting a career as a freelance translator or to work as a translator for international corporations worldwide and meets the need for a high-level professional translating qualification. We are an Examination Centre for the Chartered Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation.

Set at Level 7 (master’s level), the qualification will help to access some of the most sought after translation assignments. After successful completion of this course, you can also apply for full membership of CIoL and use the designatory letters CIoL DipTrans.

Partial and full achievement of this qualification

As of January 2021, all new applicants for our qualifications will be required to complete the qualification within a three year period.

The three year full exam completion period applies from the first year that a candidate receives a unit certificate. Therefore, once a candidate has received a ‘pass’ in any part of an exam, they have two more years to successfully complete all outstanding parts of the qualification.

Candidates successful in one or two exams only will be awarded electronic certificates.

Rules of Combination (RoC)

The Diploma in Translation is comprised of one core unit and two core mandatory units. The student will be required to complete the core unit 01 and select one unit from group 02 and one unit from group 03. Texts differ in length depending on the unit.

The subjects which sit within the unit 02 group are: (A) Technology, (B) Business and (C) Literature and within unit 03 group are: (D) Science, (E) Social Science and (F) Law.

DipTrans candidates can take the units in any order.


  • The Diploma is recognised by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), Qualifications Wales (QW) and the Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA). CIOLQ Recognition Number RN5145
  • The Diploma in Translation is registered on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) at Level 7.


Start Month

- September / January / April

Fee Structure

This is a self-funded programme meaning the programme is not GATE funded