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Spanish Courses for Teenagers

Talk To Me In Spanish offers exceptional Spanish lessons for children and teens. The classes are designed to be interactive and fun in order to foster curiosity and exploration of the Spanish language. For parents looking to teach their children a second language Talk To Me In Spanish is an excellent choice.


Our Spanish classes for teenagers  are a little different because most of the teens that have take classes at CSL have previously taken Spanish classes in middle school or high school. Most of these teens simply need to brush up on their former skills. Classes can be crafted to keep them engaged and challenged while learning new skills.

Private classes for teens is also available upon request.

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This course is designed for local/resident students in Forms 4 -6 of secondary school who are going to sit the CXC’s Spanish Regional CSEC or CAPE.
The classes review the linguistic aspects of the language included in the Spanish curriculum for CXC and CAPE and focus on the practice of the three exam components; oral paper, written paper and listening comprehension/grammar/reading multiple choice paper. 

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Evaluation and certification:

Some of the evaluation components include group projects, assignments, oral presentations and tests in the four language skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

At the end of this level, students are entitled, on request, to obtain a Transcript. In order to obtain a Pass, students must have at least 75% attendance and a pass mark of 60%. 

Certificates of Completion issued by the CSL are awarded on successful completion of all eight (8) levels of the French for International Communication programme.

International certification is obtained by way of external examinations awarding the French as a Foreign Language Diploma (DELF) at the various levels.

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