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We have a collection of workshops, courses, special classes and some interesting events online to keep you immerse in your language studies.


Level Required: ADVANCED 

Each film represents a decade and is intended to establish a debate focused on the events of that time. Watch and analyse a film in the native language with subtitles and enjoy some conversation of the film and of the moment they represent before and after. 


Level Required: ADVANCED 

A study and analysis of Spanish in the mass media: press, radio, television, marketing, cinema and the Internet from an oral and written approximation. Development of techniques for elaborating news, scripts and advertisements, as well as for its publication and editing.


Language for Reading Knowledge - 5 wks

Level Required: Pre-Intermediate 

Course to achieve greater fluency in informal conversations and debates, applying and developing students’ grammatical knowledge, from adapted readings. The objective of the course is to deepen the acquisition of reading strategies, to expand the vocabulary and to practice its use taking care of the different communicative situations (formal or informal).


Common grammatical problems - 6 wks

Level Required: Pre-Intermediate 

A course with a special emphasis on those grammatical difficulties most common in the level. Basic contents of grammar are studied to reinforce them while applying the grammatical contents to refer to the present, past and future. The written expression is enhanced.


Level Required: pre-intermediate 

Improves your ability to understand spoken language as well as your own pronunciation and confidence when speaking.


Level Required: INTERMEDIATE

Understanding language culture encourages students to become competent members of society and develop confidence in their abilities. The class demands students read different texts, as well as linguistic correctness both in oral and written expression.



Immerse yourself in the vibrant gastronomy of the Hispanic communities as our chef takes you on a culinary journey of the cuisine.

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