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This Intensive French course is for highly motivated individuals looking to maximise and accelerate their learning in the shortest time possible. Some of the participants of this course may have deadlines by which they should develop a certain command of the language due to travel, academic or work-related commitments. Some other participants may simply want to embark in a longer journey with the aim to obtain international and/or professional qualifications.


The asynchronous courses are for participants who do not have time to commit to live sessions or classes at any specific date or time. They are independent learners and sometimes they may already be in contact with French in another setting, such as the workplace or a social environment. Participants learn at their own pace and in their own time. However, there is still online interaction with other students and with the instructor, there are recorded tutorials, self teaching material and assignments submitted by a specific deadline.


These private classes have been carefully designed for students who want to learn a language at their own pace, based on their abilities. They are looking to maximize the time spent with the professor to get the most out of each class, with the added bonus of choosing the schedule of their choice.

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