PE-English Study Tours

06, June 2018


Welcome to Langports English Study Tours.  With over 30 years of experience in hosting study tours in Brisbane, Gold Coast and in Sydney, it is our mission to provide a sound, holistic, educational experience in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

Our English Study Tours manager is able to offer a number of study tour options catering to different clientele and to different needs; from fully integrated, academic based programs, to more adventure based off-campus programs.

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We believe that Langports English Study Tours offer high quality programs that deliver high quality outcomes for students.  Whether it is a student’s first introduction to the English language, or a more academic program, we hope that students leave with an appreciation of the role that the English language will play in their futures.

Our Study Tours also provide students with an opportunity to explore potential pathways for future study, whether it is through Langports as part of our UFO Program, or through one of our many Pathways providers.

05, July 2018