This course is for students living in Trinidad and Tobago (Student visa services not included).

Our General English Semi-Intensive courses are designed to develop your English language skills and the exam techniques you’ll need to be successful in your IELTS. It combines General English with IELTS preparation to enhance your overall language proficiency.

We cover reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and vocabulary to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. Additionally, our project sessions offer practical work and structured study activities to improve your research and communication skills. With our courses, you’ll gain the confidence to express yourself fluently and accurately in a range of real-life situations. 

All new students will be taking a placement test with a CSL teacher. This will determine their level.

All our levels cover the contents of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) of the Council of Europe. The communicative approach is applied in all our language courses. All levels have equivalent band scores for the IELTS Exam, TOEFL Exam and Cambridge Exams. 


On successful completion of the programme, students will be able to move on to study English at Mastery levels. Some students who have completed this programme, may progress to GCSE English, explore other courses offered at colleges, seize promising employment opportunities, or even pursue additional training to enhance your skills further.



Monday to Thursday – 9:00am TO 1:40pm & Friday – 9:00am TO 12:50am


9 months (36 weeks of tuition)


17+ years old


Beginner a1 

Class size:

Average 12, maximum 16

Start Dates:

September 11. 2023. / Deadline for admissions: August 18.

Programme Details

Assessments typically fall into four broad categories: 1. Individual & group presentations, 2. Language portfolios, 3. Project projects 4. Written exams, 5. Coursework and 6. Independent/Collaborative study: This may include preparation for lessons, completion of assessment tasks, or revision.

On successful completion of each term (Term I, Term II, Term III), participants will receive a Certificate of Completion and Transcript awarded by the CSL. In order to get a Pass, students must obtain at least 60% of the overall grade.

Certificates of Completion and Transcripts are prerequisites for the next higher level and will be considered as such for a period of one (1) year. After a year has elapsed, students may have to take a placement test to move forward.

  • Official High School diploma, college, university diploma or degree
  • Passport-size photo of the applicant 
  • Copy of the applicant’s national ID card or passport
  • A long-stay visa or any other proper immigration status (for face to face courses)
  • Complete PDF application form and email to infocsltt@gmail.com
  • Registration Fee: TT$250*  
  • Late Registration Fee: TT$200* (if applicable)
  • Administrative Fee: TT$60* 
  • Student Service Fee: TT$180*
  • Tuition Fees: TT$ 3,199 monthly 
*These are non-refundable fees.



Tuition fees do not include external examinations, school supplies, fees for supplementary exams and repeats, etc.

Payment is generally due two weeks before the first day of class. Students can pay fees using one (1) of the following methods:

  1. Direct bank deposit
  2. Wire Transfer
  3. Certified Managers Cheques
  4. Electronic Bank transfer
  5. Cash. 
Note: The School will not be responsible for transfer of money in wrong account. Please double check the details before sending.

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