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Our Conversation Club is offered to current or past students of the Spanish language from any school, institute, country or region. The aim is to help Spanish language enthusiasts maintain and improve their language skills. Students who are currently studying Spanish elsewhere or at CSL will benefit from these sessions greatly as a complement to their ongoing studies. Students who are not currently studying but who have studied Spanish before elsewhere or at CSL will also benefit greatly as a means of getting out of the stagnancy of not using the language actively.

This Club fosters an increased level of fluency in the student that is equivalent to real life situations. The CSL recognises that interaction with native speakers is not enough. A great number of native speakers in any language does not know the rules governing the language or is incapable of properly correcting and guiding their interlocutors in the right way. In that regard, this class is imparted by qualified and experienced native speakers only.  


Our unique method to help participants recall, maintain and improve their Spanish includes debates, guided discussions, free discussions, role plays and much more. There is absolutely no use of another language other than Spanish allowed. All this is combined with vocabulary building and pronunciation correction and practise. Cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world are often the core of these sessions. However, the Club is not limited to those aspects.

  • Professionals who wish to expand their career opportunities by acquiring the ability to work cross-culturally
  • Professionals who wish to work with French-speaking professionals
  • Professionals looking to prepare themselves for a competitive global market

Some of the evaluation components include group projects, assignments, oral presentations and tests in the four language skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

At the end of each level, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion awarded by the CSL. In order to obtain a Pass, students must obtain at least 60% of the overall grade. 

International certification is obtained by way of external examinations.


  • There is a non-negotiable $US 75.00 bank charge for all transfers from non local bank accounts.
  • The School will not be responsible for transfer of money in wrong account. Please double check the details before sending.

Submission of payment receipt:

  • A copy of the relevant payment receipt must be submitted by the deadline aforesaid with the following information:
    student name, course name, purpose of payment, voucher/transit no. and bank name.


  • Registration fee (non-refundable): $US 32 / $TT 220
  • Late registration fee (if applicable): $US 16 / $TT 110
  • Instructional materials: TBA
  • Every four (4) weeks: $US 80 / $TT 550
  • Late fee (if applicable): $US 32 / $TT 220