World-class language curriculum

The Caribbean School of Languages Curricula are based on the internationally recognised and respected Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF).

What is the CEF?

The CEF is a guideline created by the Council of Europe which grades language proficiency in any language. It is the official means of describing learner achievements in schools, universities and language institutes across Europe.

The CSL level system is designed in line with the CEF levels.


At CSL gets results. We have helped thousands of international students reach their goals. Whether it is a test score, getting a job, entrance into a college or university, or just to improve your language skills, CSL will help you get there. We get results for over 2000 graduates each year.



CSL’s ffers a unique program called Global English (a hybrid of general English and academic skills). You will get the everyday usefulness of general English while developing the specialized skills needed for fluent and accurate business communication or English for academic purposes.

Our School of International Business focuses on the practical skills you will need to not just get a job but be successful in it. The curriculum is designed to be useful in Canada and abroad.

Personal Attention

At CSL, we understand each student has different needs and different goals. CSL’s teachers and staff strive to get to know each of our students as individuals. Teachers are aware of your progression and adapt their approach to best guide you through your learning experience.

Cultural Diversity: Become a Global Citizen

At CSL  we are very proud of our cultural diversity. CSL recruits students from over diferents countries to study in Trinidad and Tobago. Your class will be filled with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, helping you to grow an international network and become a global citizen.