Caribbean School of Languages​

The CSL offers a wide range of language programmes, Professional Translation Services and Quality Interpreting Solutions to individuals, companies and organisations.

Learning begins with us

The CSL is an educational company that has been providing high quality programmes and professional translation & interpreting services for over 26 years. 

We seek to promote the highest standards in language-related professions, supporting our students and clients and representing our industry at the very top level.

As the leading provider of language immersion programmes in the Caribbean, we utilize language learning, personal & professional development as our primary tools to equip students with the right set of skills! 


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Quality Material

The CSL offers the highest European standards and is aligned with the European system of education. The CSL offers an exciting range of opportunities to study European languages.


We train competent linguists in modern languages who are ready to enter the workplace. We place particular emphasis on employability within a contemporary cultural context, offering high quality teaching in all language skills.

Years of Academic Excellence

Students explore themed units of study which challenge them to problem solve and think critically.

Global Partnership / Careers

Our students obtain internationally-recognised European certification. Graduates find employment as translators, teachers and in other sectors including law, journalism, administration, international business and financial services.

Cultural Competence

Our uniquely developed world curriculum, and daily exposure to our global staff, outlines the significant, cognitive benefits of bilingualism provide students see the world differently.

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What Our Students Have to Say

I think it is a great school. The teachers and the people who work here are very kind with us. For me it is perfect.
From Colombia
I am really enjoying my classes. The quality of the teaching is first class!
From France
My feedback, with respect to the course taken, is nothing short of perfection. The teacher is knowledgeable on all facets of the course, with us sharing a common aim, learning the language. Of course, studies outside the classroom is necessary as with the undertaking of any foreign language.
From Trinidad and Tobago
“I choose this destination because is near my country. I studied for 8 weeks at CSL and it was really amazing. and I met a lot of new friends. The teachers are so kind and friendly. I will always remember my friends and of course the different types of food that I tried.”
From Brazil

Official Certified & Translation Services

We offer a personalised, friendly service for all of Trinidad and Tobago & worldwide. We are extremely confident in our quality assurance process that delivers 100% accurate translations, every time.