About Us

The Caribbean School of Languages (CSL) is located in the capital city of Trinidad and Tobago, the business centre of the Caribbean, housing the headquarters for a number of local businesses, a myriad of restaurants and nightlife entertainment like no other.

This privileged location allows the CSL to forge strategic alliances of great importance. The institute offers official translation and interpreting services and foreign language courses in several languages. Other courses for specific purposes are also on offer, such as the preparation course for the Diploma in Translation.

Opening the world through education

To provide institutions, organisations and nationals of Trinidad and Tobago as well as their foreign counterparts and the broader global community with high quality, effective and reliable vocational and professional education as well as foreign language instruction, translation and interpreting services at competitive rates.

To be the premier provider of vocational and professional education as well as foreign language training, translation and interpreting services, thereby narrowing the breach of communication in the Caribbean and Latin America, aiding general development and enhancing human relations in the Hemisphere.


By customising programmes to cater to the individual’s and company’s unique specifications and levels, we create the best results.

  • Innovative & unique courses from beginner to advanced levels
  • High-quality, academically-focused courses
  • Countering language barriers with professionalism and expertise
  • Professional and competent interpreters and translators
  • Prices are the most competitive in the industry​

Our programmes are now available 100% online.

Equality of opportunity is at the heart of our values and we actively support our diverse school community, celebrating multiculturalism, differences, as well as our common interests and tolerance, to achieve academic excellence.

Quality Material

The CSL offers the highest European standards and is aligned with the European system of education. The CSL offers an exciting range of opportunities to study European languages.


We train competent linguists in modern languages who are ready to enter the workplace. We place particular emphasis on employability within a contemporary cultural context, offering high quality teaching in all language skills.

Years of Academic Excellence

Students explore themed units of study which challenge them to problem solve and think critically.

Cultural Competence

Our uniquely developed world curriculum, and daily exposure to our global staff, outlines the significant, cognitive benefits of bilingualism provide students see the world differently.

Behind Every Success Is A Great Team.

We aim to provide language skills, an experience, and a sense of community to all our students partners & clients.