Official Translation Services

Official Translation Services to Support Your Global Needs

Certified Translation Agency

The Caribbean School of Languages provides official translation services of a wide range of documents and certificates. 

Our translations are accepted and recognised by all national authorities and ministries of Trinidad & Tobago.

We promise to deliver 100% accurate human translation services, we are a diverse workforce with many members who are multilingual in English, Spanish, French, German, and more.

Professional translation services

Our official translations may be used at the diplomatic missions of Trinidad and Tobago, for official use in a foreign country, for the banking sector, for private purposes (websites, private documents, etc) as well as for official purposes at ministries of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, including:

  • the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  • the Ministry of National Security,
  • the Immigration Division,
  • the Ministry of Education,
  • the Ministry of Legal Affairs, 
  • etc…

The cost of translation services is dependent upon the language, the language combination, the complexity and the length of the text submitted.

We also do rush jobs to cater for any emergency.

Feel free to contact us for a free quote of our translation services. 

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We can provide you with high-quality translation services no matter where you are in the world. Our standard service by a qualified native linguist specialising in the subject matter.

All translation requests will be responded to with a quote and timescale.

Our translations are monitored for quality, value and timeliness

We offer translation services in the following languages:

  • Spanish into English 
  • English into Spanish 
  • French into English
  • English into French
  • Portuguese into English 
  • English into Portuguese
  • Italian into English
  • English into Italian
  • Dutch into English
  • English into Dutch
  • Arabic into English
  • English into Arabic
  • German into English
  • English into German

Language Services for Your Industry

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Media, Publishing & Entertainment

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Travel, Leisure & Hospitality

Don’t see your industry listed? Contact us now to find out which of our professional translation services will reach your target clients.