Improve your chances of a high IELTS score. An internationally-recognised standardised test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers.

20 classes per week

Qualified IELTS teachers

E-book and multimedia e-learning platform

Course duration: 3 weeks

The IELTS is the most popular English language qualification, particularly if you are hoping to work or study in the UK, Ireland, Australia or Canada. 

Our IELTS Exam Preparation course is specially designed to optimise your test potential. The course is going to boost your confidence to develop the structures, functions, and vocabulary to help you get the band score that you need. There are going to be regular assessments and activities that will encourage you to identify what you’ve learned and the areas where you need to improve. To enter this course you will require a strong CEFR B1/B2 English language level or above. 

The exam is available as an Academic or General training option. If you intend enrolling on a university course, the Academic Training Option is required. In contrast, the General Training option is required for other reasons such as vocational or non-academic training.

Course Start Dates: You can start our IELTS Exam Preparation course on any Monday 4 – 6 weeks before exam dates. Excluding public holidays and school closure periods.

Programme Details

This preparatory course consists of 20 weekly lessons for 3 weeks providing you with an extensive and specific learning experience to ensure the IELTS examinations are mastered!.

**Mock test schedule may vary according to student needs.

Prices for the DELE Exam Prep.

  • Registration Fee: TT$250 / US$44
  • Instructional Materials: TBA
  • Placement Test (if applicable): TT$350 / US$ 
  • 3 weeks course: TT$ / US$
It is advisable to take a Placement Test in order to make sure that the exam preparation course you take is the correct level for you. To book a test please contact infocsltt@gmail.com

Admission Requirements

  • Official High School diploma, college or university diploma 
  • Passport sized photo of the applicant 
  • Copy of the applicant’s national ID card or passport
  • Complete PDF application form 

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